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Simple, efficient, integrated payroll for Academies


Built for Academies and Multi Academy Trusts, EduPay makes payroll management in your school as easy as 1-2-3. 

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EduPay is cloud based software, built specifically for processing payroll within education in the UK. EduPay takes the payroll process, spins it around, shakes it up a bit, and turns out a beautiful, streamlined process that removes data duplication, opportunity for error, time consuming data keying, and, removes virtually all paper. Through integration with our BPS budget planner, staff salaries are easily managed with auto-increments, TLR, SEN payments etc. all dealt with seamlessly. 




We know how busy you are. That's why we integrate EduPay with your BPS Budget Planner and post directly into your accounts... Piece of cake!

Overview Dashboard

Our approach to payroll software is simple... Put a big flashing light on things that need doing and then put them all in one place for you to manage. That's helpful.

Employee Portal and App

Employees can complete timesheets, view payslips and P60's, and, update their personal details, all through their phone or computer. 

No paper, no fuss, no problem...

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Auto Reconciliation

Reconcile your payroll against your budget BEFORE you run the payroll!!!
Now that sounds like a sensible thing to do!

Advanced Reporting

Reports that you actually need, not just the ones that gather dust in your filing cabinet. Fast, flexible, accurate reporting... Anytime.

Maternity Manager

With EduPay you can manage maternity with a few clicks of a mouse. No need for manual calculations, they are fully automated. 

Pension Management

Accurate pension calculations and all submissions managed in EduPay. It doesn't have to be difficult!

Single Central Record Management

More data duplication busting! EduPay will soon be able to manage your Single Central Record for you. Employees can see when their checks are due through their portal, you can see the ones that are late on your Dashboard.

Access Anywhere Online Solution

We believe in utilising the best thing since sliced bread... The internet!

You can access your payroll anywhere, never wait for software updates, and never need worry about backup's again.


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